País: Finlandia
Año Inicio: 1993
Estilo: Experimental, No Wave, Skronk, Free Jazz, Hardcore Punk
Info: Can Can Heads es un nido de contradicciones, giros y sorpresas. Es una música violenta con un corazón suave. El frontman del grupo no canta ni toca un instrumento; el ocupa un espacio en el escenario donde usualmente residiría un vocalista. En general, el bajo es lo más cerca que la banda llega como un instrumento sólido. La música es convulsa y desigual, pero llega un estado hipnótico. Es como música tribal hecha por un quinteto formado por inadaptados e inconformistas. Proveniente de un granero en las llanuras inundables de Botnia en Finlandia occidental.


– Lista de Temas:

1. Everlasting Funeral
2. Crippled by Guilt
3. Black Juice Angel
4. The Day After Serenade
5. Acrossing
6. Black Listed, Lick Blasted
7. Under the Radar


– Lista de Temas:

1. Alive with Fiery Breath
2. Anti-Locomotive
3. Black Milk Angel
4. Hurrying Kids to Hell
5. Unarmed Opponents
6. Breakdiscodance
7. Too Numb to Step
8. Piece Movement/Moose Pavement
9. The Annoying & The Greedy
10. The Pee Party
11. In the Middle of Inheriting
12. Guilty Bystander
13. Iron Man Overboard
14. To Kill All the Echoes
15. The Hour of (Your) Annihilation
16. The Great Depression
17. The Shape of Filth to Come
18. Spastomatiko
19. Salmonella River (Päntäzumba remix by JS666)


Can Can Heads: Butter Life Release date: March 14th 2014
Record labels:
Karkia Mistika (karmi-46)
Verdura Records (verdu-37)
Bottom of the Pops (pop-02)

Can Can Heads:
Raine Liimakka (guitars etc)
Janne Mäki-Turja (drums)
Tomi Nuotio (bass)
Mikko Lehtonen (vocals)
Janne Martinkauppi (saxophones)

Butter Life is the second full-length from Finland’s Can Can Heads, the previous one Headcracking Lifestyle came out in 1999. Butter Life will be released on vinyl as an edition of 300 copies. The album can be heard in its entirety at:
Album artwork:
Can Can Heads is a nest of contradictions, twists and surprises. It’s violent music with a gentle heart. The band’s front man doesn’t sing. Or play an instrument. He occupies the space on stage where a lead singer usually resides. And gyrates. Generally, the bass is as close as the band gets to a lead instrument. The music is convulsive and jerky, but manages to reach a hypnotic state. It’s like tribal music made by a quintet consisting of misfits and contrarians. Hailing from a barn in the flood-prone flatlands of Bothnia in western Finland, Can Can Heads has been kicking against the pricks for over two decades. They’ve managed to avoid all contact with the roaming searchlights of media attention by skulking from one margin to another: punk, no wave, free jazz, noise. All this goes into a blender and out comes something the band itself tends to call “Ramones meets Albert Ayler”. Others might call it skronk. Butter Life is not smooth and it’s not creamy. It sizzles and scrapes, raking its lo-fi nails from your scapula down to the small of your back. – Arttu Tolonen.

Reviews of the Kusisessions vol 2 7” (on Kissankusi Records 2011)
“Hailing from Finland Can Can Heads have been together for 19 years, so it´s a damn shame that their “Kusisessions vol 2” is the first thing I have heard by them, as I have no idea if it is representative of their sound through all those years. I hope it is though, as the three tracks of spasmodic avant-punk energy, got me grinning like a cheshire cat, the crunchy guitar and wailing sax hitting the spot and making me leap up and down in the kitchen…”
– Ptolemaic Terrascope

“Crack n’ bash art skronk (with horns!) that frantically chugs along in a No Wave pound that only stops occasionally to leave some Residents-esque residue behind. Has a more playful Notekillers vibe over all. More SF than NYC? Side one at least…The flip is getting pretty ZE. It even heads towards metal turf with the instrumental at the end. Dead Neanderthals should look ‘em up! Rumor has it these Finnish weirdoes have been around for damn near 20 years. Never heard of em, but their art/surf/wave/clap-trap stylings move me in a way unexpected this eve. Jolly good, pep-peps!”
– Terminal Boredom


– Lista de Temas:

1. Don of Donetsk
2. Gaffe
3. Square with a Little Bit Rectangle
4. Effag
5. Slow Kill Monotony


– Lista de Temas:

1. Eye of the Tigris
2. Peel It
3. You Really Shot Me
4. Looshe (out the Jams)

Formato: 320 Kbps


Too Numb to Step:


Piece Movement/Moose Pavement:

Web Oficial

Sick Terror
-Black Mamba-

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